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    Novo Legal Group

    Denver Colorado

    60 Minute Legal Consultation

    Discuss your case with one of our immigration, criminal defense, or civil rights experts. Consultations are offered in-person, by phone, or Zoom/MS Teams/Google Meet. Consultation costs vary by case type, please see below for additional information. 

    Immigration and Criminal Defense: $200

    Consult with our experts regarding the unique circumstances of your case.

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    Denver, CO

    4280 Morrison Road
    Denver, CO 80219

    Tel: (303) 335-0250
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    Immigration Law

    If you or someone you know has been affected by deportation or removal proceedings, Novo Legal can help - add more text to create the 4th line...

    Family Law

    The U.S. promotes family unity and allows Citizens and Permanent Residents to petition for relatives to come and live permanently in the United States.

    Criminal Defense

    Novo Legal has a team of attorneys with a track record for success and a broad spectrum of trial experience under their belts.