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    Family Preference Immigrant Visas

    Bringing extended families together with expert visa guidance.

    Expanding Your Family’s Horizons in the U.S.

    At Novo Legal Group, we recognize the importance of keeping extended families together. Our expertise in Family Preference Immigrant Visas caters to those who wish to reunite with family members in the United States beyond the immediate circle. We navigate the complexities of this visa category with precision and care, committed to bringing your loved ones closer.

    Understanding Family Preference Immigrant Visas

    Family Preference Immigrant Visas are designated for specific family relationships with U.S. citizens and some relatives of lawful permanent residents (LPRs). These visas, subject to annual numerical limits, include:

    • F1 Visa for Unmarried Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens
    • F2A and F2B Visas for Spouses, Minor Children, and Unmarried Sons and Daughters of LPRs
    • F3 Visa for Married Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens
    • F4 Visa for Brothers and Sisters of Adult U.S. Citizens

    Our Tailored Services

    We offer comprehensive support in each stage of the application process:

    • Eligibility and Priority Date Assessment: Determining your family member’s eligibility and understanding the visa bulletin and priority dates.
    • Application Preparation and Filing: Assisting in the meticulous preparation and submission of visa applications, ensuring compliance with all requirements.
    • Consular Processing Guidance: Providing step-by-step support through the consular processing phase for family members outside the U.S.
    • Adjustment of Status Assistance: For eligible family members already in the U.S., guiding through the adjustment of status process.

    Why Choose Novo Legal Group?

    Our deep knowledge of the family-based immigration system and dedicated approach to each case sets us apart. We understand the nuances of the Family Preference category and are committed to helping you navigate this pathway with clarity and confidence.


    Reunite with Your Extended Family

    If you are a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident seeking to bring extended family members to the United States, Novo Legal Group is here to guide you. Our goal is to simplify the process, reduce the waiting time, and offer you peace of mind as we work towards reuniting your family.