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    Red Light and Stop Sign Violations

    Defend against red light and stop sign violations with skilled legal representation.

    Challenging Red Light and Stop Sign Violations with Expertise

    Red light and stop sign violations are taken seriously in Colorado, often resulting in significant fines, points on your driving record, and increased insurance rates. Novo Legal Group specializes in defending clients against these charges. We understand the nuances of traffic signal laws and employ strategic defenses to protect your rights and driving privileges.

    Tackling Red Light and Stop Sign Violation Charges

    Red light and stop sign violations can occur under various circumstances and are often subject to the scrutiny of automated enforcement systems. Our approach is to provide a thorough and multifaceted defense, tailored to the specifics of your case.

    Understanding the Charges:

    • Automated Enforcement: Many red light and stop sign violations are captured by automated cameras. We scrutinize the reliability and calibration of these systems and challenge their evidence when possible.
    • Manual Enforcement: For violations observed by law enforcement officers, we examine the details of the officer’s observations and the circumstances surrounding the alleged violation.

    Legal Strategies

    • Examining Evidence: Our team meticulously reviews photographic or video evidence, as well as the calibration and maintenance records of automated systems.
    • Challenging Officer Testimony: In cases of manual enforcement, we critically assess the officer’s vantage point, timing, and the overall context of the alleged violation.
    • Questioning Traffic Signal Operation: We investigate the functionality and timing of traffic lights, ensuring they meet regulatory standards.

    Why Choose Novo Legal Group

      • Experienced Traffic Law Defense: Leveraging our deep understanding of traffic laws to provide effective representation.
      • Reducing Penalties: Aiming to minimize or eliminate fines, points, and other consequences associated with these violations.
      • Personalized Client Approach: Every case is unique, and we provide personalized attention to understand and address your specific situation.

    Begin Your Defense Journey

    If you’ve been cited for a red light or stop sign violation in Colorado, it's important to take swift and strategic legal action. Novo Legal Group is here to offer the expert defense you need to challenge these charges and safeguard your driving record.