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    Civil Rights Cases Against the Police

    Protecting Your Rights Against Police Misconduct

    At Novo Legal Group, we are dedicated to protecting the civil rights of individuals who have been wronged by law enforcement. Our experienced legal team specializes in cases involving police misconduct, including false arrests, excessive force, and wrongful detentions. We understand the profound impact these injustices can have on your life and are committed to seeking justice and accountability on your behalf. Explore how we can help you stand up for your rights and hold those in power accountable.

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    Brendan Gee Capture-1

    In a significant victory for civil rights, the City of Olympia, Washington, has agreed to pay $107,500 to settle a lawsuit filed by Novo Legal Group on behalf of Brendan Gee. The lawsuit stemmed from an incident in August 2020, when Olympia police officers mishandled a mental health crisis involving Brendan's fiancée. Instead of providing the necessary support, Officer Duane Hinrichs, Jr. tackled and unlawfully arrested Brendan, while Sergeant Jeff Herbig stood by. The charges against Brendan were later dismissed, confirming his innocence. The lawsuit alleged that the Olympia Police Department violated Brendan’s civil rights by not properly assessing the situation before taking aggressive action. It also highlighted the need for better training for police officers in handling mental health crises. As part of the settlement, the City of Olympia denied any liability but has since implemented a program dispatching unarmed crisis responders to mental health calls instead of police officers. This case underscores the importance of appropriate training and accountability in law enforcement, aiming to prevent such incidents in the future and fostering safer communities.

    Capture 2-1

    Duvan Jamir Fernandez Zuluaga sued former Aurora Police Officer Douglas Harroun and the City of Aurora for civil rights violations after Harroun shot him at point-blank range in his home without provocation. The incident occurred on December 31, 2022, when police responded to a dispute between Duvan's landlords, and Duvan, who had committed no crime, was shot in the ankle as he stood up. Duvan underwent extensive surgery and rehabilitation and now fears permanent loss of ankle function. He alleges that the shooting violated his rights under the U.S. and Colorado constitutions and attributes Officer Harroun’s actions to the City of Aurora's failure to properly train and supervise its officers. Aaron Slade, Duvan's attorney, claims that this incident reflects a broader pattern of excessive force by Aurora Police, as previously highlighted in a 2021 Colorado Attorney General report. The city had entered a court-ordered consent decree to improve its police practices, but this shooting raises concerns about the effectiveness of these reforms.

    False Arrest

    Experiencing a false arrest can be a traumatic and life-altering event. At Novo Legal Group, we are committed to defending your rights and ensuring justice is served. Our legal team specializes in handling false arrest cases, focusing on the following key areas:

    • Violation of Rights: We address instances where your constitutional rights have been violated by unlawful detention.
    • Lack of Probable Cause: We investigate and challenge arrests made without sufficient evidence or probable cause.
    • Emotional and Financial Impact: We seek compensation for the emotional distress and financial burdens caused by false arrest.

    Our goal is to hold law enforcement accountable and provide you with the support and representation you deserve.

    excessive force

    Excessive Force

    Excessive force by police can lead to serious physical and psychological harm. Novo Legal Group is dedicated to fighting for victims of police brutality and excessive force. We approach these cases with a focus on:

    • Documenting Injuries: We meticulously document all physical and psychological injuries resulting from excessive force.
    • Legal Standards: We ensure that law enforcement actions are scrutinized against established legal standards and protocols.
    • Pursuing Justice: We work tirelessly to secure justice and compensation for victims of police violence.

    Our experienced attorneys are here to advocate for your rights and hold perpetrators accountable.

    Wrongful Detention

    Wrongful detention can have a devastating impact on your life, affecting your personal and professional relationships. At Novo Legal Group, we are committed to challenging unlawful detentions and seeking justice for our clients. Our approach includes:

    • Immediate Action: We take swift action to challenge and rectify instances of wrongful detention.
    • Legal Expertise: We utilize our deep knowledge of civil rights law to build a strong case on your behalf.
    • Compensation: We seek compensation for the emotional, physical, and financial damage caused by wrongful detention.

    Our team is dedicated to protecting your freedom and ensuring that your rights are upheld.

    wrongful detention

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