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Administrative Closure

Can Administrative Closure help you stay in the United States?

If you’re facing removal proceedings, you may be able to benefit from a tool used by immigration judges called “Administrative Closure.” If argued correctly, Administrative Closure allows your case to be removed from the calendar at Immigration Court. And though it’s not a guarantee, cases that are removed from the Immigration Court calendar often never re-appear back on the calendar at all.

How Does Administrative Closure Affect Your Case?

A favorable ruling on Administrative Closure is not the same as a visa, and it doesn’t even mean that you’ve prevailed in your immigration case. But it could provide the time you need to hear back about an application for Asylum, Cancellation of Removal, or other things that are relevant to your case. For example, if you have a valid work permit, you may be able to continue working and renewing your work permit indefinitely if the judge grants Administrative Closure in your case.

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Why Apply Now?

Because of a recent ruling by Attorney General Merrick Garland, immigration judges today are granting administrative closure in far more cases than they were able to during the Trump administration. Right now is a great time to file an application for Administrative Closure, and the immigration attorneys at Novo Legal have delivered for our clients in hundreds of cases like this.

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A favorable ruling of Administrative Closure means the government will refrain from further pursuing removal. Immigration law can be incredibly complicated. You need an immigration attorney who knows how to win. Reach out to our attorneys today at (888) 746-5245, and know you’ve made the right decision for your case.

No matter what type of immigration application or proceeding you are working through, the immigration attorneys at Novo Legal can help.

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