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Divorce Attorney in Denver, CO

Hiring a Divorce Attorney

When going through the process of divorce, the stakes can be high. The process of dissolving a marriage can be time-consuming and emotionally taxing. Divorce touches your life and the lives around you in more ways than you might anticipate. It is likely to impact your family life, relationship with your children, your work life, finances, and retirement. This is not a process anyone should have to face alone. The experienced divorce attorneys at Novo Legal can help you navigate the divorce process.

Divorce Representation Worth Every Penny

Some people may choose to proceed with a divorce without legal  representation due to the cost of hiring an attorney. In reality, the cost of pushing through without legal counsel may be greater than the price of hiring an experienced divorce attorney. Discussing the division of property, child custody, child support, and spousal maintenance can be tedious, daunting, and confusing without proper support. You deserve to have someone qualified by your side throughout this process.

Common Divorce Questions

The divorce process can seem confusing. You may find yourself asking questions such as:

  • Is my spouse entitled to any property that I owned before our marriage?
  • Was I in a common-law marriage?
  • How do I complete my Sworn Financial Statement?
  • Will I need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to divide my retirement account?
  • What is the Automatic Temporary Injunction?
  • Will I have to pay child support or alimony?

An experienced divorce attorney should be the one answering these questions, rather than using an internet search. Let a Novo Legal divorce attorney guide you throughout your case and answer all of your questions.

Child Support and Custody Visitation

When the topic of divorce is introduced, the first concern can often be how to handle child custody visitation rights and child support. The process of divorce can be quite difficult for the children involved. At Novo Legal, we understand that we must consider the best interest of the children while navigating this process. We will work with you to determine any amount of child support to be paid along with the decision-making rights that will be granted. We also take the time to create a fair parenting time plan and custody visitation rights to determine when and for how long the children will reside with each parent.

Contact Novo Legal

At Novo Legal, every one of our attorneys strives to provide fair representation and to ease the process of divorce for you and your family. Be sure that you are protected by contacting a Novo Legal divorce attorney today.
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