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Child Dependency & Neglect Attorney

What Is A Dependency and Neglect Case?

A Dependency and Neglect case, also referred to as D&N, involves the neglect or abuse of a child. These types of cases typically involve allegations of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Dependency and Neglect cases differ from a criminal case as the parents or foster parents are not necessarily prosecuted for a crime. D&N cases will generally begin with a report being sent to Social Services by someone who suspects abuse or neglect. After this step is taken, someone may come to the child’s home to verify the current conditions, and the child may be removed and placed into foster care if necessary.

What Is Considered Child Neglect or Dependency?

The Colorado Judicial Department has specific criteria that define a dependent or neglected child, such as:

  • A child is mistreated, abused, or abandoned by a parent or guardian.
  • A parent or guardian does not take appropriate steps to prevent or stop abuse from someone else, or they allow it to happen.
  • The environment is deemed unsafe for the child.
  • The inaction of a parent or guardian means the child does not have the proper care.
  • A child is a runaway or is beyond the control of a parent or guardian.
  • Due to no fault of the parent or guardian, the child is homeless or is not being cared for.
  • The parent or guardian fails to provide necessary education or medical care for the child.

What To Expect When A Dependency and Neglect Petition is Filed

Oftentimes a Dependency and Neglect Petition is filed when children are removed from their home. When this occurs, there will also be a scheduled hearing to discuss where the child(ren) will reside throughout the duration of the case. The Court will appoint a guardian ad litem (GAL) who will represent the child’s best interests throughout the proceedings. At times, dependency and neglect cases can be very complex and may take months to achieve a resolution or dismissal.

Contact Novo Legal

When it comes to Dependency and Neglect cases, regardless of what side you are on, you want a child neglect attorney who will fight hard to resolve the issues at hand and get a ruling or dismissal as quickly as possible. The attorneys at Novo Legal understand that the child’s best interest must remain a priority throughout the duration of the process. Whether you suspect a child is being abused or you have been accused, the attorneys at Novo Legal are ready to help fight for the rights of the parents involved. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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