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Family Law Attorney in Denver, CO

Novo Legal Knows Family Law

If you are in need of a family law attorney, chances are you are under distress. We understand the pain that can be associated with periods of familial or marital strife, but we aim to help all of our clients achieve the best outcome possible for all parties involved. We believe everyone who is deserving should be entitled to the rights protected by their marriage, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and child support agreements. Very few things are more important in life than your family. Our firm will work with you to understand all the potential outcomes for your case and prepare the best case for protecting your family rights.

Our Family Law Services Cover:

Alimony/Maintenance/Spousal Support, Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage, Legal Separation, Child Support & Custody/Allocation of, Parental Responsibilities, Mediation, Property Division, Relocation, High Net Worth, Divorce, Visitation Rights, Grandparent Rights, Hidden Assets, Enforcements, Modifications, Adoptions, Guardianship and Conservatorship, Civil and Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Family Law Details


When consulting a family law attorney, there are several things you should consider. First, think about what your goal is for the process. If you expect to have a very civilized and mutually agreed upon separation, you will want an experienced family attorney who will facilitate a speedy resolution while mitigating potential for conflict. If you anticipate a fight for custody or property, you will need an attorney experienced in high-conflict cases who will zealously assert your rights and ensure a just outcome.


Next, you should consider the price of family law services. Novo Legal strives to provide first-rate services at accessible prices and offers a wide variety of fee structures to facilitate this goal. Whether your case is best suited for a fixed/flat-flee or an hourly retainer will depend on your specific circumstances. Some attorneys specialize in family law litigation, which can be expensive but is sometimes necessary. When deciding what to spend on your defense, it’s crucial to think about how much you value what you are fighting for. Maybe it’s your possessions, or perhaps it’s your children – possibly a combination of both. Either way, legal services for family law is not an area where you want to cut corners.

Disclose All Information

Family law can be very complicated and can lead to an extensive list of potential outcomes. When consulting an attorney, it is important to fully disclose any information that could be used against you in your case. Understanding the possible issues upfront is a critical aspect of selecting the right attorney.

How Do Family Lawyers Help?

When separating from your spouse or partner, there are a variety of options. You may be able to come to a separation agreement negotiated by attorneys on both sides. If agreement terms cannot be met this way, mediation will likely become necessary. Where the parties are unable to resolve all outstanding issues, the court will make any final decisions after a contested hearing.

Our Areas of Family Law Practice

Child Support

An experienced Family Law attorney can be a major asset during the process of establishing child support. The child support guidelines in the state of Colorado set strict rules surrounding how much parents must give.


The experienced Family Law attorneys at Novo Legal can help you navigate the divorce process.

Custody Visitation

At Novo Legal, our experienced attorneys believe in keeping the best interest of the child at the forefront of all negotiations and coming up with a fair plan for child custody visitation.

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For more information about how an attorney can assist you in a family law case, contact Novo Legal today. Our experienced family attorneys are ready to help.

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