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Estate Planning Attorney in Denver, CO

Protect Your Future with Estate Planning

What Does It Mean To Have an Estate

Nearly everyone has an estate, whether you think you do or not. No matter how big or small your nest egg may be, it is always worth protecting. Your estate is made up of everything you own, including your car, home, real estate, insurance investments, check and savings accounts, furniture, and other personal possessions. Whether grand or modest, you cannot take your estate with you when you go. Learn more about estate planning and the importance of consulting an estate planning attorney in Denver, CO, so you can be prepared for you and your family’s future.

What Is Estate Planning?

Before a person passes away, it is important to plan what actions should be taken regarding the estate items left behind. To ensure the deceased has their wishes carried out, there must be specific instructions stating who will be the beneficiary. Estate planning means creating this plan in advance, reviewing the plan periodically, and updating it when necessary.
Estate Planning At Any Stage in Life

We understand that thinking about your own mortality now may feel uncomfortable, but a little planning can go a long way. Estate planning is not just for those who are going into retirement age or those who are very wealthy. Though people in these categories may be thinking more about estate planning, everyone should consider what will happen to their loved ones upon their passing. Proper estate planning with the help of an experienced lawyer can be impactful in a positive way, even for families with modest assets. Don’t put off estate planning simply because you don’t think you own enough or are not old enough. Make your wishes known now, so your family isn’t left with this challenging task after you’ve passed.

Protect Your Loved Ones
Estate planning not only helps ensure your wishes are carried out, but that those who you wish to name as beneficiaries are protected as well. Whether you are leaving behind a large sum of money, a second home, or your treasured belongings, estate planning will help you designate heirs for your assets and help your family avoid complicated and emotional debates about what should happen with the estate. Estate planning now will also enable beneficiaries to reduce the amount of federal and state inheritance taxes paid to the IRS and help avoid a lengthy probate hearing.

Estate Planning With Novo Legal

The best time to plan your estate is now. Novo Legal’s estate planning attorneys can help you throughout ever step of the process in Denver, CO. Along with estate planning, we can assist you with creating a will and trust, deportation trust, medical care directive, power of attorney, among other similar needs.

Novo Legal Estate Planning Can Address:
Asset Protection
Estate Tax Reduction
Probate Avoidance
Blended Families
Health Care Concerns
Distribution of Retirement Plans
And More

Contact Novo Legal

For more information about how we can help with estate planning in Denver, CO, contact one of our professional and skilled attorneys today. Novo Legal can help give you the peace of mind you need while making helping you understand the estate planning process.

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