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    How Much Does an Attorney Cost?

    How Much Does an Attorney Cost?

    For the average person who needs to hire an attorney, the process can feel intimidating. There are various reasons you may need to hire an attorney, but one thing remains consistent; you want to know “how much does an attorney cost?” An attorney can choose to charge clients in several different ways, affecting how much you end up paying when all is said and done. 

    How Do Attorneys Charge for Legal Services?

    Hourly Fees

    Many attorneys choose to charge clients on an hourly basis. The price a law firm chooses to charge can depend on a number of factors. Working with an associate may yield a lower hourly rate than if you were working with a partner. Time spent working with a paralegal will also likely have a different, lower rate. Some clients prefer to work with an attorney who charges an hourly rate because they are paying for the exact amount of time spent on their case. 

    Retainer Fees

    When an attorney charges hourly, often they will request their clients pay a retainer fee upfront. A retainer is essentially a deposit against which future costs are billed. The cost of the retainer is often based on an hourly rate and gives the client a set number of hours of the attorney’s time. Once a client has used the retainer hours, the attorney may charge their hourly rate for additional time spent. 

    Flat Fees

    Another common payment arrangement for attorneys is to charge a flat fee. At times, certain cases and types of law are easy to predict how much time will be required. This type of payment arrangement removes any uncertainty for the client and attorney about what the case will cost. Flat fee payment arrangements are generally paid by the client upfront, or the attorney may allow clients to arrange a payment plan.  

    Annual or Monthly Fees

    Businesses who require legal services often can contract an attorney as their “go-to” legal counsel and establish a long term relationship with an attorney. In these types of arrangements, attorneys will often charge annual or monthly fees and set parameters for what types of services they can provide within the terms of the agreement. 

    Charging for Costs

    When an attorney charges by the hour, this rate does not typically include other costs, fees, or external services unless they specifically mention it. Clients may be charged for background checks, messenger services, filing fees, or multiple hearings. An attorney may choose to bill these as you go or bill them all to you at the end. The amount a client will be charged for these costs will vary, but asking for an estimated total will give you an idea of what it will cost. 

    Contingency Fees

    Some attorneys choose to make a payment arrangement in the form of a contingency fee. This means that an attorney will receive a portion of the client’s settlement. Generally, if the client loses, they will not owe the attorney anything. Personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys commonly use this type of payment arrangement. 

    How Much Does An Attorney Cost?

    Based on the various ways an attorney can arrange for payment along with other variable factors, the amount an attorney will cost should be discussed with that attorney directly. Each attorney will have a different rate, different payment structure, and the case will also play a part in determining the total cost. 

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