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    Rojas, Ruth

    Ruth Rojas

    Get To Know Ruth


    Ruth, born in California and raised in Colorado since the age of 7, proudly considers herself a Colorado native. Growing up as the youngest of four siblings, Ruth was raised by her single mother, witnessing firsthand the challenges faced by undocumented individuals within her own family. This personal connection to the immigration system fuels her passion for the field of law.

    Throughout her career, Ruth has explored various roles in different industries until she discovered her true calling in the legal field. Beginning as a receptionist at local law firms, Ruth's dedication and enthusiasm saw her advance to the position of a criminal paralegal. Her experience working in immigration law has deepened her commitment to providing assistance and representation to those in need.

    At Novo Legal, which she joined in 2022, Ruth continues to champion immigrant rights and civil liberties. As a mother of three, she cherishes her free time, enjoying outdoor activities, playing sports, and watching her children participate in their own interests. Ruth's personal connection to immigration issues, combined with her unwavering dedication to helping others, makes her an invaluable member of the Novo Legal team.