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    Eunice Mora

    Get To Know Eunice


    Eunice, originating from Guadalajara, Jalisco, is a dedicated member of Novo Legal Group's Affirmative Team. A 2019 law graduate from the Universidad del Valle de Mexico, she completed her social services at the Council of the Federal Judicature. Eunice then honed her skills in a legal office specializing in Intellectual Property, managing various brand and copyright applications.

    Her versatile career includes managing a family project in fig production, administration, and commercialization. In 2023, Eunice brought her diverse expertise to Novo Legal, where she assists immigrant families with their U.S. status adjustments, helping them achieve their aspirations and improve their living conditions.

    Eunice is committed to her professional growth and nurturing her two children in a loving and respectful environment, embodying the values of dedication and empathy crucial in the field of immigration law.