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    Conchas, Estela

    Estela Conchas

    Get To Know Estela


    Estela, a California native with strong ties to Colorado, has dedicated herself to advocating for immigrant rights at Novo Legal, inspired by her own family's experience with the immigration system. Growing up in Colorado for the past 20 years, Estela witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by immigrants and resolved to make a difference in their lives.

    In 2020, Estela graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Colorado-Denver, where she developed a solid foundation in the legal field. Committed to furthering her impact, she is currently pursuing her law degree with the goal of becoming an attorney specializing in immigration and civil rights law.

    At Novo Legal, Estela combines her personal experiences and academic background to provide compassionate and knowledgeable support to those navigating the complex immigration system. In her spare time, Estela cherishes moments with her family and friends, enjoys staying up-to-date with the latest movies and shows, and appreciates the diverse community that has shaped her passion for advocacy.