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    Erika Bernal

    Get To Know Erika


    Erika Bernal, originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, brings a blend of scientific expertise and legal insight to Novo Legal Group as an Immigration Paralegal. Graduating with an associate degree in industrial chemistry in 2019, her time living in Canada provided her with a profound understanding of the immigrant experience. This laid the foundation for her future career path.

    Her post-graduate journey led her into the realm of environmental law, where she served a private company for three years. This role not only sharpened her legal skills but also deepened her understanding of regulatory complexities. Yet, her true calling was in advocating for the marginalized and underrepresented.

    Joining Novo Legal Group in 2022, Erika found her niche. She has been pivotal in handling asylum applications, infusing each case with her empathy and expertise. Erika is driven by the impact she can make in her clients' lives, striving to contribute to a more inclusive world through her work in immigration law.