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Corporate Immigration Attorney

How to apply for a Corporate Immigration Visa

The first thing to know about corporate immigration, and the different visas that an immigrant might be eligible for, is that these visas often require affirmative steps to be taken by the applicant’s employer: not just the applicant seeking the visa. That might include filling out official forms used by USCIS, or providing documentation like a job description or a job opening advertisement.

What Visas Are Available for Employees?

If you have skills that are in high demand, or that require a significant amount of education and training, an EB-1 Visa or an EB-3 Visa might offer a path forward. However, there are a limited number of these visas available each year, and employers are advised to start working with an attorney early in the process. Mistakes and lack of understanding of the USCIS rules can mean the denial of your application.

Professional & "Unskilled" Workers

f you are an ‘unskilled worker’, which includes roles including, but not limited to janitorial work, childcare, landscaping, nursing aids, farm laborers, and other jobs that do not require much education. There are roughly four times as many visas available for professional workers, compared with unskilled workers.

What Positions Are Eligable For An EB-3 Visa?

Some of the positions defined as eligible for the professional EB-3 visa include engineers, architects, attorneys, teachers, doctors, and IT workers.

While immigration law doesn’t provide an exact definition, the Department of Labor does state that a subcategory of EB-3 for professional workers without advanced degrees includes: highly-skilled professionals like architects, lawyers, doctors, engineers, IT workers, and teachers.

Immigration Attorneys for Professional Visas

If you are an employer looking to hire a nonresident for an open position in your business, call our experienced corporate immigration attorneys today. The processes with USCIS are complicated, and there is a huge amount of time wasted if your applications are denied.

Our immigration attorneys can help you determine the right visa for the position you are hiring for, and handle all the immigration paperwork to get you the employees you are looking for.

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