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Deportation Trust

Protect Your Family With A Deportation Trust

What Is A Deportation Trust?

The ever-changing political climate in the United States raises many questions for immigrants and their legal status in the country. This uncertainty for non-citizens living and working in the United States means many of them will want to protect their family and their assets that they have worked so hard to secure. A deportation trust is a type of asset protection that could be crucial in the case of deportation.

Ease Your Mind and Protect Your Family

For undocumented immigrants, the potential of deportation is a danger that is always looming. One of the main reasons an immigrant should obtain a deportation trust is to protect their assets and any children that would be left behind in the United States if they were to be deported. A deportation trust allows you to grant power of attorney to a U.S. citizen, designating a temporary guardian for your children and control over your estate.
How Does a Deportation Trust Work?
A deportation trust works similarly to a conventional trust. If a deportation order is served, asset protection is activated, making it difficult for authorities to confiscate or freeze the wealth granted to the trust. Alongside these benefits, a deportation trust also provides instructions for appointing guardians for any children still in the United States, paying debts, and managing assets of the estate.
Who Can Establish A Deportation Trust?
For an undocumented immigrant, obtaining a deportation trust can be challenging without the help of a skilled attorney. To get a deportation trust in your name, you must have an international taxpayer identification number (ITIN). Speaking with an immigration and estate planning attorney can help you navigate obtaining this complicated system.

Establish A Deportation Trust With Novo Legal

US citizen children are the most impacted by deportations, and the removal of their non-citizen parents could mean a very tough road ahead. With a deportation trust in place, the guardian named will have the authority to care for the children left behind to ensure they have proper care, are enrolled in school, and their needs are met. Novo Legal can help you obtain a deportation trust, so you can have the peace of mind that you’ve ensured a safe future for your family and estate.

Deportation Trust Planning May Include:
  • Naming a legal guardian
  • Protecting financial assets
  • Protecting physical assets
  • Creating a plan if you were to be deported

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Don’t leave your family’s fate to chance. Get the peace of mind you need by creating a deportation trust with the help of the skilled immigration and estate planning attorneys at Novo Legal. Contact us today for more information.

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